Display based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Notation in accordance with Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

● Seller
Store Name: eatnippon / eatnippon- e-commerce website with delicious, safe, and good Japanese food to the world-
Seller: Prodigy Co., Ltd
Sales Manager: Goro Yamasaki
Location: 6th floor, Daiichi Kanda Building, 2-13-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Phone Number :03-3257-8608 (Weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
E-mail Address: support@eatnippon.shop
Website: https://eatnippon.shop

● Sales Price of Products
Kindly check sales price indicated on the corresponding sales website of the products.
All sales prices include tax, including consumption tax.
Orders from overseas residents are not subject to consumption tax in Japan. After the customer enters his/her address on the payment screen, we will deduct the consumption tax from the total amount to be paid.
If the customer lives in Japan and purchase the product and have such product delivered to overseas, such sales will be subject to a consumption tax.

● Ancillary Expenses other than the Product Price such as Delivery Fees.
【Delivery Fees】
In addition to the product price, the customer will be charged a delivery fee.

The delivery fee varies depending on the area to which the product is delivered. Kindly check the table with delivery fees on the relevant site of the products. The confirmed delivery fee will be displayed on the order confirmation page and the customer may also check the confirmed delivery fee in the order acceptance e-mail.
If the customer uses COD as payment method, such customer will be charged a cash on delivery fee of 265 yen (tax included).

※ Delivery Fee for Unreceived Products due to Customer’s Convenience or Attribution
Unreceived Products will be stored for a certain period (about one week) at the delivery company. After lapse of the storage period, the purchased product will be returned to us, and the shipping cost (actual cost and expenses) for the return delivery will be borne by the customer.
The return delivery is subject to the Japan Post fare for regular delivery

【Import Duties (Overseas Shipment)】
We will check import duties related to customs clearance at the time of overseas shipment. However, kindly understand and agree that in the event where payment of customs duties occurs, the recipient will be responsible for the payment of such customs duties.

● Payment method
The customer may choose one of the following payment methods:

[Credit card payment]
The customer may use following credit cards:
(VISA / MASTER / American Express)
Kindly make payment in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by relevant credit card company.

We will only accept one-time payment without installments.
The purchased product will be shipped upon the approval and confirmation by the credit card issuer.
We use Stripe payment agency service for payment processings.

【COD Settlement】
The customer may only use COD settlement for the purchased products to be delivered to an address Japan.
When using COD settlement, kindly pay the “Total Amount (tax included)” shown in the order acceptance e-mail at the time of delivery.
The customer is responsible for paying COD fee of 265 yen (tax included).
When COD settlement is chose, the product will be delivered by Japan Post service.

● Timing of Payment
When credit card payment is selected, payment will be completed upon the shipping out of the product. For the withdrawal date, kindly check the credit card company’s closing date and payment date.

When COD settlement is selected, the payment will be completed on the date of the delivery of the product.

● Delivery
The product may be delivered nationwide. We also accept overseas shipping.
Typically, the product will be shipped out within two to seven (2 to 7) calendar days after the receipt of the payment.
However, the shipping out may be delayed due to holidays, peak season or stockout and we will make a notification regarding such delays.
The delivery will be made by Japan Post (in the event of the overseas shipping, relevant affiliate partner of Japan Post will be involved).

● Cancellation of Ordered Products
If the customer wishes to cancel the order of the product, such cancellation will only be accepted before the shipping out of the product.
For cancellation, please contact us via the inquiry page of the website. We will proceed with the cancellation upon receipt of the message.
When credit card payment was selected for the payment of the cancelled order, the card company will refund the product price for the cancellation at a later date.
Kindly note that cancellations after the shipping out of the product will not be accepted , unless the product is defective.

● Return or Exchange
Kindly note food items may not be returned or exchanged after the shipping out of the products.
We will only accept returns or exchanges if the delivered product is different from the ordered product, or if the product is defective.
Should the customer wish to return or exchange the product, please contact us within seven (7) calendar days after the delivery of the product. If the customer choose to exchange, we will promptly send the exchanged product without any charge.

However, returns and exchanges are not accepted when the following applies:
・ If the customer stains or damages the product;
・ When the packaging of the product is opened (unless the product was found to be defective after opening of the packaging) or the product is used;
・ When eight (8) days have passed after the receipt of the product by the customer;
* If the delivery of the product cannot be completed due to long-term absence, change of address and others, and the storage period at the delivery company expires after the shipping out of the product, then the product will be returned to us. In such a case, the refund will not be made for such returned product.
In addition, we will charge a separate shipping fee for returns.
If the customer wishes the redelivery of the product, we will arrange shipping after receiving a new delivery fee.

* If the product to be delivered is a gift and the delivery of the product cannot be completed due to an address change or incomplete or inaccurate provision of an address, the delivery company will store the product for a certain period and the customer is required to provide a new address for the delivery. If the delivery address and the address of the customer is different, and the said storage period by the delivery company expires, then the product will be returned to the address of the customer who made the order.